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At KEFI, our team of professionals is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in non-surgical facial rejuvenation. Developments in aesthetic science have made it possible to refine, define, restore, and rejuvenate your face without undergoing surgery. We offer an array of the world’s most effective facial rejuvenation treatments.

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Profound Non-Surgical Facelift

Clinically proven to create 5 X Elastin and reduce wrinkles. Profound treatment results are 37% of a surgical facelift. Profound is completely customizable and ideal for those looking to increase volume, lessen wrinkles and restore elasticity, all with minimal downtime. Kefi, our team of professionals is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in non-surgical facial rejuvenation. Developments in aesthetic science have made it possible to refine, define, restore, and rejuvenate your face without undergoing surgery

Why Clients LOVE this :
  • Less painful and invasive than surgery

  • Great alternative to the use of toxins and fillers

  • Requires more manageable downtime


Facial Resolve

Resolve is used to treat Facial Wrinkles, Acne Scars and Pigmentation in all skin types. PicoWay Resolve laser light is applied to the targeted area in Ultra-short pulses to break up unwanted pigment. They also stimulate collagen production improving wrinkles and scars. The procedure lasts about 20 minutes. Immediately afterward, you can return to normal activities, which makes the PicoWay treatment at Kefi Advanced Laser & Skin great for professionals who need work-day appointments.

Why Clients LOVE this :
  • Significantly improve acne scars and wrinkles

  • Addresses a large range of benign pigmented lesions

  • Quick treatments with low to no downtime

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Zoom Facial 

Break up melasma and pigmentation with a non-thermal based laser treatment for all skin types.

Geneo Facial

Oxygenating facial with exfoliation and hydration infusion.

  • Cleans and nourishes the skin

  • Drastically reduce embarrassing blemishes and outbreaks

  • Provide your skin with that healthy "glow" that helps you radiate confidence in your life.

Why Clients LOVE this :

Radio Frequency for Jawline

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Venus Diamondpolar Treatments

Stimulate collagen and elastin for face, neck and chest through Radio Frequency treatments

  • Comfortable like a hot stone massage

  • Boosts Collagen AND Elastin

  • Requires NO downtime

Why Clients LOVE this :
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Radio Frequency for Wrinkles, Acne-Scars Textures

Radio Frequency cosmetic procedures uses radio-frequency waves to rejuvenate facial skin. The treatment is a form of controlled skin injury. The damage stimulates the growth of healthy new skin, which can benefit common skin issues like acne scars , laxity and wrinkles.

Sublative rejuvenation is a laser treatment that uses radio frequency to correct a variety of skin issues including wrinkles, scarring, texture and overall youthfulness. Sublative is different from other treatments in that it allows for deeper penetration of the skin, allowing the treatment to reach underlying areas and spur new collagen production. It’s also much less invasive than other laser treatment alternatives, so the recovery time is quicker. 

  • More manageable downtime 

  • It creates Collagen and Elastin

  • It helps in strengthening and tightening of the skin


Why Clients LOVE this :

Opus Plasma

Like traditional laser skin resurfacing, the Opus Plasma treatment at Kefi Advanced Laser and Skin removes a small fraction of the skin, which stimulates the surrounding skin to repair itself. But unlike traditional laser-based skin resurfacing technologies, Opus Plasma uses a one-of-a-kind Plasma technology that precisely controls the energy-to-tissue contact time, minimizing unwanted inflammation that often leads to longer recovery.

  • Targeted treatments for precise results

  • Fast, effective, and pain less treatments

  • Significantly Less Downtime

Why Clients LOVE this :
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Microneedles create tiny punctures in the skin which promote collagen-stimulating healing processes. This helps to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles and facial acne scars. Bring out your true complexion with KEFI's Micro-Needling Treatments.

  • It's a quick yet safe procedure

  • It reduces the appearance of acne scarring

  • It reduces the signs of aging

Why Clients LOVE this :

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What Do I Need to Do?

All you need to do is reach out to us and schedule a consultation. We will take care of the rest. A consultant will see you in our state-of-the-art facility in Chandler. During the initial consultation, we will conduct an in-depth evaluation of your medical history and desired results. From there, a customized plan of treatment will be drawn up to help you achieve your aesthetics goals and get the very best results.

What Happens After My Consultation?

Our Patient Care Coordinators will assist you every step of the way, from initial scheduling and consultation, to planning and booking your exact procedure, for your aesthetic desires.


Following your procedure, your post care, to your home care, will  be explained to you in detail. You will feel confident and assured that you have made the best possible decision for yourself and most importantly, you will be amazed at the enhancement and rejuvenation produced by the aesthetic treatment that you chose.

Let’s Get You Feeling and Looking Your Best

Contact us today to ask questions on any of our treatments and to schedule your complimentary consultation!