Marianne Pharm, NP

in Chandler, AZ

Marianne  Pharm, NP

Marianne is the medical director and injector for KEFI Advanced Laser and Skin. She holds a degree as a Nurse Practitioner from the University of Phoenix, a Certified Injector by the National Laser Institute, and Health Professional by the Arizona Department of Health Services. She is a veteran of the United States Army as she served eight years as a Medic. Currently, she is employed in Orthopedic and Medical Aesthetics.

Marianne is a practicing nurse Practitioner dedicated to the care of humankind. For the past 25 years, she has perfected her skills in cosmetic and clinical treatments of aesthetics protocols, and the dermatology science of skin.
Marianne continues to strive for perfection in the application and treatments of cosmetic injectables at KEFI with specialties in fillers for lip injections, neurotoxins, (Botox, Jevoux), and general cosmetic diagnosis.

“I look forward to assisting you with your self-care cosmetic needs."